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The 250-unit Address at the Galleria apartment complex at 10252 Monroe Road and the 120-unit Crown Court senior apartments building on Nolley Court are now leasing. Every effort is being made to lessen the impact of the expected increased traffic in our area when these apartments are occupied. The Address at the Galleria apartments will have an entrance/exit from and to Monroe Road which could reduce the traffic on the new connector road behind our 9128 building. There will be a Nolley Court spur to direct the Crown Court traffic toward Sardis Road North, and the new traffic lights at the intersection of Galleria Boulevard and Monroe Road are already helpful. Speed bumps on Nolley Court in front of the Crown Court building and three-way stop signs at the intersection of Galleria Boulevard and Nolley Court, which have been or will be requested, should also be an improvement.



Two crosswalks and a visual arts project with the theme of “patchwork” are coming to the intersection of Galleria Boulevard and Monroe Road. The link to more details is:

Click Here


  1. Sardis Forest Patio Homes Association is a homeowners association and not a renters association. A person renting a unit at Sardis Forest Patio Homes must communicate with the owner of the unit about all issues. The renter should not directly contact Cedar Management Group nor the Board of Directors. Cedar will respond for the Board of Directors to homeowners only.
  2. Review the frequently updated information posted by the Board of Directors on the message boards in the mailbox kiosks.
  3. For additional information, you may also visit the following:
    https://web.mycmg.com – web portal for homeowners (user name and password required)
    https://cedarmanagementgroup.com – Cedar’s website (includes Live Chat)
  4. Select the CONTACT US tab above for various ways to contact Cedar Management Group (“Cedar”) to submit requests, questions, concerns etc. DO NOT APPROACH VENDORS WORKING ON OUR PROPERTY ABOUT ANY OF THESE ISSUES.
  5. If you want to make any exterior changes to your unit, it is very important that you submit a detailed request to Cedar. The request will be forwarded to the Association’s Architectural Control Committee (ARC) for review and you will be notified of its decision within 30 days.
  6. Submit (or have your insurance company submit) to Cedar a copy of your HO3 homeowner insurance renewal each year. NOTE: If you rent your unit, or if it is vacant, contact your insurance company to confirm that you have the correct type of homeowner insurance policy for a rental or vacant unit. For additional insurance information, select the ABOUT US tab above or see the INSURANCE section in our Rules and Regulations which may be viewed by selecting the ASSOCIATION DOCUMENTS tab above.
  7. For neighborhood news, go to http://Nextdoor.com and select Sardis Forest.
  8. Promptly remove your garbage and recycle bins from the street after pickup.
  9. Pick up after your pet.