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Residences Galleria Apartment Complex: Taft Development Group is building a 250-unit apartment complex at 10252 Monroe Road. This development will be accessed from Monroe Road and the new connector road from Nolley Court which runs between the City Barbeque Restaurant and our 9128 building. Work began on the site in March 2019. As shown on the site plan below, the apartment complex was originally named Proximity Matthews.

Crown Court Senior Apartments:  The Charlotte Housing Partnership will develop a 3-to-4 story building on Nolley Court that will include120 senior apartments, principallyone-bedroom units. The buildingwill be 4 stories tall in the center and 3 stories tall on each end. The age of the senior residents will be 55+ for 110 units with 10 units to be designated by law for age 45+. Work began on the site in August 2019. Click on the following link for additional information: Crown Court Senior Apartments


  1. Review the information posted by the Board of Directors on the message boards in the mailbox kiosks.
  2. Select the CONTACT US tab above for various ways to contact Cedar Management Group(“Cedar”) to submit requests, questions, concerns etc.
  3. If you want to make any exterior changes to your unit, it is very important that you submit a detailed request to Cedar. The request will be forwarded to the Association’s Architectural Control (ARC) Committee for review and you will be notified of its decision within 30 days.
  4. Submit (or have your insurance company submit) to Cedar a copy of your HO3 homeowner insurance renewal each year. NOTE:If you rent your unit, or if it is vacant, contact your insurance company to confirm that you have the correct type of homeowner insurance policy for a rental or vacant unit. For additional insurance information, select the ABOUT US tab above or see the INSURANCE section in our Rules and Regulations which may be viewed by selecting the ASSOCIATION DOCUMENTS tab above.
  5. For neighborhood news, go to http://Nextdoor.com and select Sardis Forest.