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Rentals Letter to Homeowners Sardis Forest Patio Homes

ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL – EXTERIOR CHANGES: If you are planning to make any exterior changes to your home, it is very important that you submit a detailed Architectural Control (ARC) Request For Approval Form which is available on the ASSOCIATION DOCUMENTS page of this website. The form includes instructions for submitting it directly to the SFPHA Architectural Control Committee (it is recommended that you do not submit the form any other way). Please allow 30 days for a response from the Committee, but every effort will be made to respond in less time. Please also see Architectural Control Guidelines on the ASSOCIATION DOCUMENTS page of this website.

GARBAGE AND RECYCLING BINS – LARGE ITEMS – YARD WASTE: Garbage and recycling bins should be placed on the curb no sooner than the day before the scheduled pickup day, which is every Tuesday for garbage bins and every other Tuesday for recycling bins. According to the City of Charlotte, garbage and recycling bins must be removed from the curb by midnight on the day of collection. If you have items that are too large for the bins, call 311 and schedule a pickup. These items should be placed on the curb no sooner than the day before the scheduled pickup day. Yard waste such as leaves, shrub trimmings, discarded plants etc. may no longer be placed in plastic bags and left on the curb for City pickup. Instead, they must be placed on the curb in compostable paper bags or reusable containers no larger than 32 gallons. This pickup is done on the same day as regular garbage pickup (every Tuesday.) For additional information (including possible fines for non-compliance), see https://charlottenc.gov

GOVERNING DOCUMENTS: Select the ASSOCIATION DOCUMENTS tab above to view our Association’s governing documents and more.

GROUNDS AND TREES: Lawn treatment/fertilization will take place in March. New pine needles will be put down the end of March or first of April. Gravel will be added behind the 9108 and 9030 buildings this spring. Inspections of trees are generally done twice a year. The next one is to be in late April or early May. Tree trimming or removal occurs only if a common area tree is deemed unsafe by an arborist, touches a building or has been damaged by a storm. Homeowners are responsible for trees inside their patio areas.

HOA DUES: HOA dues are due on the first of each month. Please make your payments on time and for the correct amount. If you are having trouble making your payments, please contact Cedar Management Group. For additional information, see Administrative Resolution #1: Delinquency Policy, which is a part of the Rules and Regulations.

INSURANCE: Submit (or have your insurance company submit) to Cedar Management Group a copy of your HO3 homeowner insurance renewal each year. NOTE: If you rent your unit, or if it is vacant, contact your insurance company to confirm that you have the correct type of homeowner insurance policy for a rental or vacant unit. For additional insurance information, select the ABOUT US tab above or see the INSURANCE section in our Rules and Regulations which may be viewed by selecting the ASSOCIATION DOCUMENTS tab above.

MESSAGE BOARDS: Please take a few minutes when you go to pick up your mail to read the information on the message boards next to the mailboxes. The helpful information is updated often, and it is always attractively displayed.

PARKING LOTS: As part of ongoing maintenance, parking lots will continue to be sealed, re-striped, and re-lettered. The same schedule that was used for paving the lots will be followed for this work which means one court will be done each year until all lots are completed. The 9020/9030 lot will be done in 2023. Notification about removing vehicles from each lot will be provided several days prior to work beginning.

PETS: Please be a good neighbor and pick up after your pet, and remember that according to our governing documents and the City of Charlotte’s leash law, dogs must be on a leash at all times when outside their residences or fenced-in yards.

RENTAL UNITS: For information about changes to clarify and increase rules for renting units in our community, select the ASSOCIATION DOCUMENTS tab above and review the “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) 2022 Amendment.” A person renting a unit at Sardis Forest Patio Homes must communicate with the owner of the unit about all issues. The renter should not directly contact Cedar Management Group nor the Board of Directors. Cedar will respond for the Board of Directors to homeowners only.

SERVICE REQUESTS: Select the CONTACT US tab above for numerous ways to submit requests for service to Cedar Management Group. Please DO NOT contact vendors working on our property.

VIOLATIONS: Our Rules and Regulations, which may be viewed by selecting the ASSOCIATION DOCUMENTS tab above, detail what is and is not allowed in our community. These are the things that make our community a great place to live! Periodic inspections are performed and homeowners in violation of the Rules and Regulations will receive notification from Cedar Management Group. If violations are not resolved, and after due process, homeowners will be fined. For additional information, see Policy Resolution #2 Relating to Violation Processing and Fines, which is a part of the Rules and Regulations.