Sardis Forest Patio Homes, located on Nolley Court in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a community of 102 individually owned brick homes, the majority of which are two-level units with a number of different floor plans, along with a small number of one-level units. The homes are “townhomes” — NOT “condominiums.” The owner of a condominium (“condo”) owns only a portion of the dwelling structure. The owner of a townhome owns 100% of the dwelling structure and 100% of the land on which it sits. That is why owners of Sardis Forest Patio Homes must have HO3 (extended coverage) homeowner insurance policies. Condo owners must have H06 homeowner insurance policies which provide less coverage.

EXCEPTION: If a Sardis Forest Patio Home is rented or is vacant, the owner should contact his or her insurance company to confirm that the correct type of extended coverage homeowner insurance policy is in effect on the unit. The HO3 policy will not be adequate for a rented or vacant unit and claims submitted might be denied. For additional information, see the INSURANCE section in our Rules and Regulations which may be viewed by selecting the ASSOCIATION DOCUMENTS tab above.

Homeowners must submit, or have his or her insurance company submit, a copy of each annual homeowner insurance renewal to Cedar Management Group.

A townhome owner, with an extended coverage homeowner insurance policy, is responsible for all maintenance and repair on the unit (interior and exterior) except those items that are specifically delegated to the HOA in the community’s governing documents which is typically basic exterior and landscape maintenance. The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) on the ASSOCIATION DOCUMENTS page of this website provides information about maintenance and insurance on pages 13 and 14. A Maintenance Responsibilities Chart was mailed to homeowners and is available on the ASSOCIATION DOCUMENTS page of this website. The chart lists numerous maintenance issues and shows whether the homeowner or the HOA is responsible.

Membership in the nearby Sardis Forest Swim Club is not included in monthly HOA dues because the Swim Club is a separate entity; however, individual memberships are available. Please see for information.

The Sardis Forest Patio Homes community was self-managed until 2014 when Cedar Management Group was engaged to manage the property. They work closely with the following people to continue to make the community a great place to live:

Sardis Forest Patio Homes Association Board of Directors for 2022-2023

Catherine Kanvik, At Large
Scott Ridge, At Large
Amber Krausse, At Large

For more information about Sardis Forest Patio Homes, continue to review this website or select the CONTACT US tab above to submit questions to Cedar Management Group.