Directors of the SFPHA Board of Directors:
Each of the five directors serves a term of three years. The expiration dates of the terms
are in alternating years. A Notice to Homeowners of the March Annual Meeting is sent
out in February of each year, and it includes instructions for submitting a name as a
candidate for election to one of the director positions where a term is expiring.

Ex-Officio Members of the SFPHA Board of Directors:
Homeowners are encouraged to volunteer at any time to serve as ex-officio members of
the board. These members do not vote, but they participate in all other board activity.
Select the “CONTACT US” tab above to contact Cedar Management Group and advise
them of your interest in volunteering.

All Board Members must be members in good standing, that is:
1. Dues must be current
2. Must have no outstanding violations
3. Must be willing to serve in the best interests of our Association in accordance with our governing documents as well as state and federal regulations.